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Subfactory Next Level DnB Show
Monday 20:00 - 22:00 GMT
Drum & Bass

Solitude presents The Subfactory Next Level DnB Show Monday Nights 20:00 - 22:00 GMT on Pointblank.fm, the UK’s longest running dance music station in rotation with resident DJ’s on rotation with Neil Mac, Analog 2 (DJ Madhatta & MC Dodge), Deadly P, Timeless & Clarity.

Solitude has been dropping his unique mixing style and DnB sound on Pointblank.fm for 15 years and counting so you can guarantee 2 hours of high quality rolling soulful beats, dutty scrutty sounds and proper deepness! Download the Point Blank app from your app store and tune in!

You can also catch Solitude playing live at Subfactory, the UK’s longest running free D&B night on the last Friday of each month 10pm-3:30am at the Purple Turtle Bar in Reading with Resident DJ’s- Neil Mac, Deadly P, Timeless, Analog 2 (DJ Madhatta & MC Dodge), Johnny 5, 3man, Clarity & MC’s Wong, Double G, Pursaverance, Inna & Repow.

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